Transform yourself in 90 days


Transform Yourself – 90 days to a Healthy You!

Your Investment in Yourself – Rs 19,400/- only

Are you feeling fatigued?

Are you going through post-partum depression and gaining more weight than you gained during pregnancy?

Are you finding it difficult to take care of your health?

Do you want to take care of yourself but lack time?

Then, I have a solution for you!

My signature program Transform yourself is a 90 days programs which will change the way you look & feel about yourself.

I need 90 days to Transform you, because it takes at least 21 days for your body to get accustomed to any changes you make for it. Post these 21 days, you enjoy the new SUSTAINABLE HEALTHY HABITS and make it a part of your daily routine!


How will this program help you?


Increased energy Levels
Reduce bloating and gas
Lose the extra inches
Carry the legacy of Healthy Living


What will you get in this program?

60-90 Mins of Initial consultation

1-1 coaching

Personalized Meal plan suggestions to fit your lifestyle

Exercise Suggestions to fit your lifestyle

No starving approach

Goal based sustainable lifestyle changes

Educational sessions and handouts

6 coaching sessions of 30 mins each

Unlimited email access to me for 90 days

Skype Sessions (Optional)

Transform yourself is a holistic program, which includes analysing your lifestyle, nutrition, mind-set & exercise plans.

I work along with you through the entire process of setting your health goals, planning a model to achieve them and making them a part of your lifestyle forever.

As a health coach, I am with you to guide and motivate you to bring about SUSTAINABLE CHANGES in your life, which will go a long way to live a healthy.

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