Healthy Living Workshops

Healthy living workshops offer you numerous tools to follow a healthy lifestyle. Learn how easy healthy living can be by just following a few Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and nutrition changes. All the workshops are based on Dr. Sears LEAN principle.
  • L = Lifestyle
  • N = Nutrition
  • E = Exercise
  • A = Attitude

Get some time out for yourself, you are just a step away from receiving valuable tools that will help you learn practical solutions for better health

The workshops will help you

  • Experience improvements in your overall health
  • have fewer sick days and time away from school or work
  • significantly reduce your medical expenses
  • experience more activeness and energy


All Healthy Living Programs include instruction in the four pillars of health:

  • Lifestyle: How we live
  • Exercise: How we move
  • Attitude: How we think
  • Nutrition: How we eat

Contact Me to learn more about how Healthy Living workshop would benefit your family or your business, mommy groups, or any other organization you are a part of.