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The holiday time is around the corner and we all have our big plans to visit places that we have always wanted to. But at the same time we all fear losing our healthy lifestyle. We put on extra pounds which we have lost after months of efforts, just because we don’t know what and how to eat and how to exercise while traveling.

It has become easier to travel healthy these days with a lot of vegan options around us. Also, the availability of vegetarian food is quite high anywhere you go.

Follow simple, easy to use tips and stay healthy even while on a go!!!

1. Carry your food – While traveling, try to carry your own snacks like roasted snacks, dry fruits, khakhras, dehydrated home food, nut butters. These can be your anytime low calorie meal if you complement it with some yogurt or milk.

2. Apply the rule of 2’s – Just as you do at home, apply Dr. Sears’ Rule of 2 everywhere you go. It says that you should eat twice as often, eat half as much and chew twice as often. This rule of 2 will help easy digestion and will keep burning your calories. Try to eat small meals every 2-3 hours.

3. Have proteins and healthy fats – Eggs are one of the best forms of proteins available everywhere. For those who eat egg, there can be no better substitute. For the vegetarians, other forms of proteins like hummus, sprouts and lentils work the best. Concentrate on healthy fats like fish, fish oil, avocado, guacamole, olives, olives oils, nuts and seeds rather than having anything with hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup.

4. Keep yourself hydrated – Don’t shop for sugary drinks, including flavored milk, which are just empty calories with no nutritional values. Have water whenever thirsty and keep yourself hydrated all the time. This will avoid your food cravings as well.

5. Thrive on fruits and vegetables – Fruits and vegetables are available easily everywhere we go. Buy lots of fruits and vegetables and snack on them. You can always cut slices of vegetables and carry in small portions.

6. Shop smart – Whenever you shop at a new place, shop for healthy foods and avoid junk. You should shop for fruits, vegetables, fat free and sugar free yogurts (without artificial sweeteners), skimmed milk and lots of water.

Meghna Thakkar Joshi is a certified Dr. Sears Health Coach.
For any further information on her workshops & lectures at schools, corporates, community clubs, private consultancy and additional services like label reading, smart shopping trips, recipe revamps, recipe substitutions, please contact on

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