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You have missed your periods? Congratulations!!! You might be pregnant. Missing your periods is the first sign of being pregnant. Get hold of your Home Pregnancy Kit and test for positive results. Some doctors might also suggest a blood test to check your beta hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to confirm the pregnancy. In fact, the beta hCG test can detect pregnancy hormones much before your Home pregnancy Kit.

However, there are a few medicines which should not be consumed before you conceive. They are harmful for the baby as well and can lead to disability in them. One such example is Isotrine, a medicine generally used to solve acne problems. I was a victim of Isotrine and when once I missed my periods (due to other hormonal reasons), my dermatologist suspected pregnancy and told me very casually that you need to abort the child since you are on Isotrine. It broke my heart, but it was quite easy for the third person to tell me this. Luckily I was not pregnant and I didn’t need to take any such steps. Pregnancies can also be through accidents. Not all pregnancies are planned. So my suggestion would be to avoid any such medication especially post marriage.

Your gynecologist will suggest you to do a few more blood tests, once your pregnancy is confirmed along with an ultrasound to make sure everything is in your favor to carry the baby within you. A few important blood tests that the doctors would suggest is Thyroid, Iron, Vitamin D3, Blood sugar and regular CBC. If necessary doctor will suggest medications for Iron, calcium, D3 and thyroid. I personally believe that you should have a DHA supplement during and post pregnancy for the brain development of the baby. If there are no separate DHA supplements available, there are a few which have a combination of folic acid and DHA; go for it.(please consult doctor before taking any medications)

If you have not thought of making some healthy changes before, now is the time to make a few changes in your life, which will go a long way. If you are not used to exercising regularly, make it a habit right now. Start with a 10 mins walk, which can go upto 45 mins. However, remember that you are not walking to lose weight, but to have a healthy pregnancy. Swimming is one of the best exercises which can be done throughout the pregnancy. A few other pregnancy exercises like Kegels, squats, yoga, pelvic tilts and pelvic stretches should be a routine if you want to try for a vaginal birth. These exercises help you strengthen your muscles for a vaginal birth. . Exercise helps you release the “feel good hormones” – endorphins, which give you positivity in your thoughts as well.

Your attitude has an impact on you and your baby. The more positive you are, healthier the babies. Your babies emotions are linked to your emotions. The question comes, how to stay positive and maintain the right attitude? I have generally seen people are depressed or not really happy, if they don’t get to do what they wish to. So this is the time to pamper yourself, do what you like to do the most; reading, gardening, exercising (exercises that are good during pregnancies), going for a spa, going on a short holiday (consult your doctor before you plan a holiday), spending time with your loved ones, meditating. “ME TIME” is what you require to stay positive and healthy.

Remember, baby doesn’t have a choice. It has to accept the way you treat it, healthy or unhealthy, positive or negative. The baby is totally dependent on the mother to develop itself. So as a mother, you have to decide your baby’s future.

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