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A lot of girls I have met don’t want to get pregnant because of various reasons; a few being permanent weight gain, changes in the body and lack of independence. But they don’t know that they are missing on the most wonderful miracle of nature which can give them unconditional love and a reason to live better.

Motherhood gives you what no other thing in the world can – the glow on your face, the perfect logical thinking for your kids, the unconditional love and the biggest responsibility of your life. Motherhood is a series of blog written after my personal experience as a mother and how my outlook towards the world and life has changed after being a mother. This blog will also give you tips to be followed at each level of motherhood – from pre-conception to motherhood. The blogs will concentrate on the four pillars of healthy living – Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition.

If you are soon planning a baby, you need to keep yourself healthy enough to carry one. The life of the baby starts even before you know that you have conceived. By the time you have two red lines on your Home-pregnancy Kit, the baby in your womb is already 11/2 month old. So it is necessary to take care of yourself even before you know you are pregnant.

When you visit the gynecologist before planning a baby, they will ask you to do a few routine tests but will not prescribe any medication at that stage (especially in India). It is advisable to take pre-natal (multi-vitamins) 6 months prior to your family planning. This will stock up the vitamins for you to have healthy pregnancy. Pre-natal should be continued during and post pregnancy as well. Most of the doctors would not object if you tell them that you are on pre-natal.

If you have any kind of addiction, smoking, drinking or over-consumption of caffeine, try to reduce it gradually, as this can harm the baby once you conceive. All these addictions can affect the water-levels in your womb, and are linked to low birth weight, birth defects, smaller head size, miscarriage, stillbirth, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and pre-mature labour.

Say NO to processed and packaged food. These foods contain harmful ingredients like High Fructose Corn syrup, Hydrogenated Oils/ Transfats and Artificial food colors and preservatives. These ingredients can damage the growing brain of the baby in the womb and over consumption can also lead to other problems, similar to over consumption of caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

Eat lot of fruits and vegetables. This will provide you with lot of phytonutrients to keep your immunity and energy levels high. If you are working, and find it difficult to eat at least 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetable both, opt for making a smoothie every day. This will not only be filling, but will give you all the required nutrition for you and your baby.

Stay positive and happy while you are trying to conceive. Stress is not a good beginning to bring a life into the world. It can also hamper your pregnancy process. Be around positive environment and exercise regularly; this will help your body release happy hormones, which in turn will keep you positive.

Lastly, CALM DOWN, it is not the last time. If you don’t get a positive result on your Home pregnancy Kit, do not get upset. The world does not end there. If you fail to conceive naturally after numerous attempts, do not hesitate to visit a gynecologist to explore other options to have a baby.

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