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I could have easily skipped my today’s exercise session with the excuse of my little one not having a sound sleep in the morning. But I am glad to conquer the first five minutes of my day, to feel good the entire day.

The first five minutes when you get up are the most crucial to decide whether you want to do something for yourself today. We generally snooze the alarm for a few minutes but end up getting out of our routine completely.

You might need to push yourself a little initially to get into the habit of waking up early till your body clock is set. How to set your body clock and how to motivate yourself to get out of bed in those 5 minutes is the most important thing.

Set a sleep and wake up time – “Early to be and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.” Set a sleep and a wake up time for yourself and make sure you stick to it. It generally takes 21 days for the body to get accustomed to any routine. Once the body gets used to getting up at a particular time you would not even require an alarm to get yourself out of the bed. Try not to break the routine even over the weekends. You can have cheat days once in a while.

Think about the benefits – During those five minutes when your mind is struggling to decide whether to get up for your day’s exercise routine or go back to bed and relax yourself, remember the positive energy that your exercise will give you. While you exercise, your body releases happy hormone endorphins which will keep your mood elevated and your body energetic throughout the day.

Feel the Guilt – Just like too little sleep, too much sleep also will make you lethargic and dull. When you get up after missing your exercise time, you tend to feel all the more guilty about not waking up on time. So imagine the guilt you will feel throughout the day for not getting up in those 5 minutes; it is enough to get you out of bed.

It’s a ME TIME – Think your exercise time as “ME TIME”, where you spend time for yourself. We are generally caught up with so many social and professional commitments in today’s world that we hardly have time to take care of ourselves and our bodies. You need to have at least an hour for yourself, to pamper yourself and to look after yourself.

Take a 5 minutes challenge every day and before pressing the SNOOZE. Remember “You Snooze, you Lose

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