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Exercising and staying healthy has been my passion since I was 12 years old. But how did I make time for healthy living while studying and as a teen is a question lot of people ask me. So today I disclose my health diary, which many people think as being “torture”. But I feel good about it when I see myself in the mirror, so what other people think does not matter.

Walk, Walk and Walk – Walk whenever you can – when you are at home, when going for classes or college, when you are driving your baby in the stroller, when your toddler is playing in the park.
I saved a lot of pocket money which my parents gave me, by walking to all my classes and to the station while going to college. It was a double benefit for me, where I would finish my daily exercise by walking and also make my savings.

After both my kids, while they used to take their naps during the day, I would utilize my time to finish my daily walk of 30 minutes. It was a little tedious as I would have to rush and take a shower before they got up for a feed. But all the efforts were worth it. I got to my pre pregnancy weight within three months during both my pregnancies.

Avoid fried foods – People used to think that I am not enjoying my life if I was not eating puris, samosas, chips and other fried items. But it was the other way round, I felt good about myself when I knew that I was successful in making healthy choices and was not tempted with the junk food that people around me were relishing.

Avoid sweets – I grew up with a sweet tooth and I still love sweets. But there was a time, when I was losing weight and I had given up all kinds of sweets and to my surprise I was perfectly fine with it. I didn’t find anything amiss in my life. I have sweets now, but I make a healthier choice; indian sweets over cakes and pastries as they are full of saturated fats and sometimes trans fats also.
In Indian sweets, I prefer bengoli sweets over the laddus. Both do contain fats and sugar but the bengoli sweets are high in protein as well. If I don’t want to eat any of these I relish some dates and figs as sweet dish to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Eat healthy before going out – Who doesn’t crave yummy outside food, but that fact remains that most of them have high fat content. While you can enjoy and have a little of everything, make sure you have filled more than half of your tummy with homemade food before leaving for a meal outside. In case, you don’t feel like eating any home food, you can order some salad with olive oil or hummus (no other dressings like thousand island, mustard dressing, honey mustard as they are all high in fats) and clear soups before the main course. This way you can enjoy the tasty outside food as well as stay healthy.

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